Debra Fischer

Debra Fischer 1953 –

Debra Fischer is a professor of astronomy at Yale University and an expert planet-hunter. Fischer searches for new planets outside of our solar system, known as exoplanets, in a quest for new multi-planet systems and other forms of life.

In 1999, she and her team discovered a new complex planet system that included the star Upsilon Andromedae and three orbiting planets. For the first time, it was known that our Sun was not the only star to harbor orbiting planets in our galaxy.       



After receiving the Carl Sagan Award in 2002 for Excellence in Public Communications in Planetary Science, Debra Fischer continued her search for exoplanets. Today, Fischer’s team is responsible for discovering 200 extra-solar planets. Fischer is currently working on developing new instruments to detect life on other planets and further the search for exoplanets. One of Fischer’s accomplishments includes design of the high-resolution CHIRON spectrometer located in Chile.

Debra Fischer continues to explore space and search for exoplanets.




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