George Washington Carver


George Washington Carver was a renowned botanist, educator and inventor. In his early years, he studied botany at Iowa State Agriculture College. Carver was notorious for his work educating poor southern farmers in alternative crops to cotton. He recognized it was both sustainable and profitable for poor farmers to plant an alternative crop, such as sweet potatoes and peanuts, in order to improve soil conditions. Carver coined the agricultural technique known as crop rotations by switching out cotton with peanuts or sweet potatoes to restore nitrogen back into the soil.

George Washington Carver shared his agricultural knowledge to many poor southern farmers by providing information on crops, cultivation techniques, and even a variety of recipes. Carver is also famous for discovering 300 uses for peanuts from cosmetics to gasoline.

In 1923, Carver received the Spingarn Medal from the NAACP for outstanding achievement and in 1939 received the Roosevelt Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Southern Agriculture.

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